1. Nitro:
  2. Junction Craft Stationmaster Stout
  3. Nitro:
  4. Great Lakes Pompous Ass
    (English Ale)
  5. Nitro:
  6. Great Lakes/The Only The Only Imperial Belgian Black Milk IPA
    (Imperial Belgian Black Milk IPA)
  7. Dieu du Ciel! Rosee D'hibiscus
    (Farmhouse Ale w/Hibiscus)
  8. Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale
    (Pumpkin Ale)
  9. Nickel Brook Apricot Uber
    (Berliner Weiss)
  10. Collingwood Warp 9
  11. Great Lakes Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout
    (Imperial Stout)
  12. Indie Ale House Broken Hipster
  13. Beau's Farm table: marzen
    (Marzen Lager)
  14. Muddy York Brick Maker Common
    (Golden Ale)
  15. Great Lakes Grimace's Tears
    (American IPA)
  1. 2 Roads ol' factory pils
  2. Neustadt Springs 10W30
    (Brown Ale)
  3. Great Lakes Canuck
    (West Coast Pale Ale)
  4. Wellngton SPA
    (English Pale Ale)
  5. Great Lakes Audrey Hopburn
    (Belgian IPA)
  6. Great Lakes Karma Citra
    (American IPA)
  7. Left Field Super Prospect: Citra DDH
    (American IPA)
  8. Cider:
  9. Small Talk Vineyards Shiny Peach
    (Apple/Peach Cider)
  10. Cider:
  11. Spirit Tree Pub Cider
    (Apple Cider)
  12. Cider:
  13. Duxbury Bradley's Raspberry scrumpy
    (Champagne Barrel Aged Cider w/raspberries)
  14. Cider:
  15. Twin Pines Orchards Hammerbent Old World
    (Apple Cider)
  16. Cider:
  17. Sulker's Super Dry
    (Apple Cider)
  18. cask:
  19. Great Lakes Late Summer Stout w/Vanilla

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